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The power of our dreams and ambitions are underestimated in our analytically focused mercantile western society. We are raised to believe in the order of 1, 2, 3.. and normal ABC of life. By this I mean that our society around us seems to create one order to have us live in a unified post-industrial community. I think we´re brought up to live by a belief that life is what is brought to us instead of pursuing a self-reliant possibility to follow our own path.

Some of us are reaching beyond that road. This doesn´t mean anarchy nor an intention to breakdown the existing norms. Following Your good dreams and intuition is a way of life that gives evolution the wings it requires to generate the change. If we all would take reality of every day life granted, we would still live in globe that is flat. Without persistent pursuing of ideas, no progress would happen. The road to the future is paved with brave, sometimes even crazy ideas that makes the difference.

On behalf of Vilike, these dreams can be called ideas and yes, after a while pursuing towards them, they are coming true. On behalf of myself, one major dream did just happen with help of awesome Friends. They pushed me forward on the moment when I was scared of the dream coming true and was stepping back from facing it. Now, having lived this beautiful dream, I want to THANK YOU ALL making it happen. It took 13 years to come true and it sure was worth the wait.

It all started from a decision to go and grab an expensive beer up in Torni bar in 2003 right before moving abroad to US. Along that beer, we met this this odd, funny dude from L.A telling about Burningman. Art at the desert and huge bonfire? Wow! Sounds like my cup of tea. .. Last week, I finally got to live this bonfire. My simple heart goes humble and silly little soul sings hymns out of this experience. This Black Rock City with its builders, burners and campers is a place where the power of dreams goes binary.

For my eye, these people share the strong belief on imagination, self-reliance, survival, unconditional care and happiness to one another. The community in playa is cradle of dreams where to pursue emotions in all its spectrum and then burn them, again and again, for new purpose. Like one Friend said; “From ashes of this man, rises a new”. I believe some of this burning power migrates in to normal ABC of life and gives evolution a better direction. By this shared power, the Ordinary life can be transformed.

Now, I want to push You forward. Listen. Take a breath and stop. The road to Your dreams begins within yourself. Hear it, believe in it, follow it and never let go until it comes true. Anatomy of a dream is there for You to live it up.

With Burning heart,

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