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Product development. What a limited word with a huge turn-down effect for someone who truly believes in the power of imagination as a main driver of any Change. We all are creative people, believe it or not. Some of us just have lost the way to use creativity productively. And some of us are too afraid to use it in fear of being labelled as too artistic or are in denial because they unfortunately have lost their inner child.

Don´t worry, on either of these ways you will only loose the perfect possibility to reach your full potential. Even in product development. Luckily, as long as we are capable of breathing and learning, we can change. So listen up. Art.. To me, Art means the way of life. Old written book about Latin told me that a decade ago. This paperly piece of knowledge also told that art is based on math. For example, find out what is golden ratio. The line really is a dot that takes a walk! All you analytics, the mathematical equations are one written form of strokes in various dimensions. Same math of art applies to product development. Imagine > define > create.

It is amazing. Everything most of the time, if you just remember to amaze it. Like children. If we had continued taking things, granted we would still be writing in stone. Which is cool but hey, who can throw a rock into outer space? In order to keep up the change, we need to wonder, listen to all ideas, trust on your dreams and thrive them towards happening with people. And be amazed by simple little things along the way. For me, as an ICT BBA and drawing enthusiast, journey of starting up is a piece of art. It is a way of life and lifeline possibility to create something new instead of suffocating into the byreocratical fear of change. Stepping out of your comfort zone to learn, brings along absolutely fascinating people and their ideas to travel the path with. Amazing thing in this is to see how others learn and do the math for the change again and again.

We are all still children though we have expected responsibilities to carry on on the global society. Fine, but the biggest failure is if you loose your ability to play, faith in your skills to create, learn, have fun and execute the ideas in any suitable manner or project frame. Be brave, Do your art of math, be amazed by it and live it up! Trick is not just to be professional on something, but to do what you don´t know and challenge yourself, every day. Now.

Please, Don’t grow up.

Delightful midsummer solstice to You All! The change is here