AI and new technology

In our active games and solutions, we utilize our own Computer Vision (CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Basically we harness the mobile device video by programming a software to detect defined objects and perform functionalities for particular use cases.

Innovative AI can elevate also your business.


USECASE: REHABOO // Advised how to program physically activating AI game to run on 50 ms latency through the cloud server

USECASE: DRIBBLESTICK TRAINING // Built demo AI to support remote individual basketball training with Dribblestick application

USECASE: TRAFFICAYE //In Junction hackathon 2018 we participated in Smart City challenge addressed by Cities of Espoo and Salo. Our solution was build for smart cities to provide real-time pollution data on-site by analysing traffic flow data with Computer vision AI and Machine Learning. TrafficAye was awarded as one of the runner ups yet was never deployed in action.