Welcome to playful adventure with Muru Bear!

Story of Muru´s playbook is based on APM-inventory, a sport scientific assessment method for motor skills development of children at ages 3-6 invented in University of Jyväskylä. Playbook can be played outside and story leads into sport scientific content and inspires children to move more!

Happy possibility to move along the story, use kinetic  skills and be part of the journey making Muru Bear happy again!

Intruiging way to activate children to move with story, figure out how to follow their movement skills and immerse into play with kids by using imagination.

Possibility to introduce motors skills of APM-inventory through play to children right at your own yard!

Would you like to playtest activity track edition of Muru´s playbook?

Please click the link below, print the PDF, set up the playtrack and play!

Would se super to hear feedback and photos from the experience for example in our Facebook page so we know how to develop the content further.

Thank You!