We established Vilike to develop technology that inspires children and theirs parents to move and play more. We also want to contribute to evolution of education and research by combining technology, physical activity/sports and co-creative development.


1.0 version was a digital APM-Inventory, which was developed with little funding from Finnish Invention Foundation and help from Koodiavain Oy as thesis of Kirsi Ekberg. We tested web based version together with UKK-Insitute, Sport Institute of Finland, Fun Academy and hundreds of parents during years 2015-2016. Software enabled manual collecting of motor skills assessment with mobile device. Due to lack of resources we didn´t manage to finalise solution to a point where we could offer game & play ideas by skill level for parents and early childhood educators. Aim was to research the results with similar dataset collected by Arja Sääkslahti sekä Pirkko Numminen during 1994-1998 with pen and paper for their research.

In 2016 we started writing and illustrating a story around the motor skills assessment content of APM-Inventory. Idea of playbook is to playfully guide small toddlers into active play and introduce certain motor skills. During same spring we did a development project with Haaga-Helia UAS  with aim to develop user friendly amd gamified version od APM-Inventory. Version was never finalised nor released. During summer 2016 we also participated to Boost Turku Ry:n Startup Journey accelerator.

After a looong silence, Vilike woke up in 2018 when software development teacher Jukka Juslin from Haaga-Helia contacted us. Early 2019 we started third developmen project together with Haaga-Helia and Sharp & Sharper Oy to figure out how sensors could help in motor skills assessment and inspiring children into physical activity. In fall 2019 we got into Women inTech batch at Baltic Sandbox accelerator and got help fro market research from international marketing students of Haaga-Helia.

Year 2020 has started with great energy with two talented software developers and magnificent marketing student Also negotiations with pilot customers are progressing well.  This year, we will finalise playbook and APM-inventory app for launch and develop computer vision AI versio to beta testing. We also started strong collaboration with   Rehaboo who has developed a game to support fysiothererapy, activate elderly and provide active power breaks to offices.

In case You are interested to improve playful physical activity of children and youth with new solutions, lets talk!

-with Love,

Team Vilike


  • Kirsi Ekberg
    Kirsi EkbergFounder & Entrepreneur

    I started Vilike alone in 6/2014 to continue my thesis and proto. I learn how to pitch, manage a startup and build this dreamteam. I take part in SWD and database design, do Moderate growth hacking via social media and I host this. I guide after school activities for local elementary school children. And now, developing the interactive story #together with these awesome people.

  • Jenni Lehtonen
    Jenni LehtonenGraphic Design Artist

    Jenni is our graphic game designer who is making our sketches and ideas of characters come alive in digital form. She enjoys playing games and is really good in drawing with pencil, both on paper and on drawing pad.


  • Risto Saikko
      Risto SaikkoAdvisor & Partner

      Risto has 25 years of experience in IT industry and business building. He has managed 4 companies, sold 2 and been a partner in company listed to Helsinki Stock Exchange. Risto guides us in business development and project work.


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