We established Vilike to develop technology that motivates children to move and play more and creates new ways to learn. We also want to contribute to evolution of education and research by combining technology, physical activity/sports and co-creative development.

-with Love,

Team Vilike

  • Kirsi Ekberg
    Kirsi EkbergFounder & Entrepreneur

    I started Vilike alone in 6/2014 to continue my thesis and proto. I learn how to pitch, manage a startup and build this dreamteam. I take part in SWD and database design, do Moderate growth hacking via social media and I host this. I guide after school activities for local elementary school children. And now, developing the interactive story #together with these awesome people.

  • Essi Kaipainen
    Essi KaipainenChief Sportivation Officer (CSO)

    Essi is happy and energetic physical exercise teacher for children who is leading play & game content production with her proactive attitude and professional know-how on children´s physical exercise education. #Together with Niko these two are building individual kinetic learning skill map of a child. In collaboration with Haaga-Helia they arranged #motoriikkamestari event for parents and their children to move and for sport teacher students to test the proto.

  • Jenni Lehtonen
    Jenni LehtonenGraphic Design Artist

    Jenni is our graphic game designer who is making our sketches and ideas of characters come alive in digital form. She enjoys playing games and is really good in drawing with pencil, both on paper and on drawing pad.


  • Alejtin Berisha
      Alejtin BerishaAdvisor

      Alejtin is CEO of Kollegi Universitet, Founder of Kosban and Fellow at NUY. He is guiding us on the internationalisation and educational startup business development.

    • Erkki Alaja
        Erkki Alaja

        Erkki is Finnish athlete, sports management pioneer and published author. He is guiding us on the field of business and sports.

      • Risto Saikko
          Risto SaikkoAdvisor & Partner

          Risto has 25 years of experience in IT industry and business building. He has managed 4 companies, sold 2 and been a partner in company listed to Helsinki Stock Exchange. Risto guides us in business development and project work.


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