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You know, there is a future but the dream and the vision you´ve seeking to fulfill has become blurry. It is shaded by the tears of failure. This feeling when you’ ve given all in your power and reach to get something working because you know, that it would do good fro people. And failed… That feeling strangles the hope and faith.

There really is a reason why some serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and angels say it is important to fail. At that moment you know what you should have done not to end in that financial ditch with unfinished product. Is it all worth the tears, that´ll be another issue to contemplate, but I gotta tell you, it hurts. Not only because this startup family is so important to me but because I very deeply care about the change in children’s future that Vilike is aiming to do. That vision feels to be scrambling down.. And it really makes me sad that I don´t know what to do anymore. Why is this world so against my will and our effort to make the change in education with technology and knowledge of educators so kids could grow with more freedom and fun ways to learn? Why is this capitalist world so eager to risk and invest in everything else but our future, that in the end is based on the well-being of our children, our people? Not on skycrapers, robots or wearables telling how many calories you´ve burned. Life is about happiness of people.

Would Vilike be more validated for investing if we would produce some plastic material to sell instead of creating a value for the knowledge on children´s growth? Would we be more interesting if we would produce some analytics program for data that actually would just change a topic of discussions in some sit-n-talk-too-much meetings? Or is it the team or the product or the idea? We´re not good enough to be belived in?

Right now, I´m really disappointed not just on myself but also on the world around me. It seems we have become materially obsessed on what we want and have, right now that we cant think any further from our feet to do good for future generations. Too many things have become more important than the people. Why money and investments are poured mainly to commercial and materialistic productions? Maybe the question is sharpening broad perspective of global markets but life is the same everywhere. Even in Mars one day, if we make it all the way. If and when children’ s natural growth is mistreated, we end up with indisposed youth and self-centered adults that still need parenting.

On this month of setbacks, frustration and sadness I´m gonna keep this short and simple, maybe to help you and you startup idea not fall into this same valley where future holds nothing but sad and dark despair of failure.

Step 1: Be brave; jump from your comfort zone every day and speak up to anyone

Step 2: Do better financial budget and have someone in a team to take care of it

Step 3: Figure out what and how to generate the revenue. Ownership really doesn´t bring food to the table


Thank You. If you have any thought on those many questions please write or call, I ´d be happy to have a constructive conversation on Your perspective on the matters cried out loud. And good luck with whatever You do. You can do it.


With love,