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Most of us has gone through the educational track where the only way to learn is to sit down quietly in front of that school desk and listen. Then maybe read, write and perhaps be able to say something if teacher gives you a chance. Everyone of us has been in that box where ultimate authority on learning culminates to that one teacher. Which is a OK if the teacher is good and cool enough. And if also being capable of taking into consideration all the virtues of 20+ children in the class, some effective long-term learning will occur.

No wonder, we don´t have the natural courage to speak up and do things in pro-active attitude because we were brought up via this “shut up, sit and listen” education.

True situation is that the most of children´s skills and capabilities are shut down in that box of education. Most of the schools are still raising students for 18th century industrial workforce. But we ain´t there anymore. We need 21st century skills for the world where pro-active creativity, analytics and cross-scientific skills evolve our global nation. We need personalised, playful and insightful learning to reach that state of education.

And finally that change in education is starting to happen. Rovio might be well-known for their angry birdies but underneath the mobile game and movie production a more unknown awesomeness has been growing in the Mighty Eagle’s nest. ABP, Angry Birds Playground, this colorful early childhood education concept is promoting playful and FUN ways in learning and teaching. This little birdie has sprung into Fun Academy, a Rovio spin-off that aims to take fun learning to a whole new level. They have a growing global community of teachers fired up by the Fun Learning approach and eager to pursue better education through an intrinsic motivation to learn.

For Vilike, world is our playground. As a “mother” of it, my heart is bursting out of happiness to tell You that these startups have made friends and will, from now on “play together” in partnership. Aim is to get children out of those old boxes of education and give them a freedom to learn while playing and having fun by their own pace and potential.

Together these startup kids will shape digital technology to serve its best purpose.

With love from Finland,


The Happy Cat