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Idea is a multidimensional entirety that sprungs either from need, frustration to existing problem or will to change something that you realized can be done in whole better way.

The first step taking you forward with any Idea, is a courage to speak it out loud. How odd, dum or unclear the idea might seem, put into few sentences to clarify what the idea actually is about. That feedback you receive, gives You a chance to shape the idea also in your thoughts. Then do it again. And again and again. Speak. You will find yourself figuring out was it just an idea or THE idea.

Next crossroads on the way from having an idea to being an entrepreneur are moments when you just wanna quit.. When nothing is going anywhere. Time when you linger in the desperation of the moment an the vision that the idea has grown into. Make up Your mind. To keep going or let go.

…For those moments, my advice springing from experience, is that if weight of vision gets too heavy, it´s is good to let go. Those moments of leaving idea behind will not just clear out the goal but will redefine You an raise you up with the vision.

Vilike, used to be an idea called Vilke, an used to be obscure objective presented by insecure person. First response for the idea from Haaga-Helia Startup School was strenghtening and throve it forward. Thank You Tommo Koivusalo and Marika Nikkinen. Your support helped to validate that idea from my insecurity. The road towards the execution begun with 100% of uncertainty of what is it to run a project or event what LLC means. That was over ruled by 1000% belief that change can be made and 10000% interest to find out what THE idea can be. Survived the first year and managed the second with help of friends, family and Digitalist Network. Thank You Ville Tolvanen, Martti Luhtala and co. #sharingiscaring

Now, looking forward for the future with strong faith. Third year started in the Best Startup Accelerator in Finland run by BOOST Turku Ry. Kiitos Juha-Matti Santala, Leo Kadieff and everyone in Spark UP for magnificent summer. Working and learning with along other teams has brought everyone a lightyear ahead. We all are ready to make the change and execute our ideas that have grown into visions during summer.

You. I´m writing to tell to believe in Your idea. Find the strenght to step out of your comfort zone and speak. We all have knowledge and skills that can change the world for better. Cause without change, where would we be?

So step out and start. Now!


With love,


Dream chaser and now, entrepreneur