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Once upon a time, we lived in a world where the problem was having shelter over our heads. Those people wondered the world with same passion to survive and evolve, as persons and as communities. The change in the way of life has been existing amongst us forever. Unfortunately somewhere along this journey of change, we have been lead into the track where humanity, natural respect and love for both people and healthy growth has been mixed with greed on materiality and blindness on the true importance of being.

So, please stop for a minute. Breathe and stay still. Listen and you´ll see that everything around us is already there. The change that we, in post-industrial digimillenial world continue disruptively to thrive, still lies unknown. Only thing sure on the path beyond this moment, is the fact that the change is being done right now. The power of dreams and ideas is the paint for our canvas called earth. You are the painter and you are the one picking up the brush. What do you want to have in your painting? What is that you wish to see there for the children and youth?

Over the past week, dreamers and doers in startup community gathered together in Kotka for *ship -startup festival to paint their strokes of change. We got to participate on this intensive cohesion of ideas, interaction and intellectual inspiration. Ovely whelmed in heart and mind, one must say that world needs more open, trustful and truthful courage. {If we´re here to leave this world a better place, we better start making better decisions for our common future starting now}

Take responsibility on your dreams. Hear them all but make sure that you only pursue those strokes to the painting that your heart and intuition thrives. Cause in the end, like it or not, reasoning is the output of your thinking, not our existence. The every choice you make, is a stroke to our common canvas. So make it do good for all of us.

With love,
Mom, startup dreamer&doer and painter