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Holding into past, makes us depressed. Living in the future, makes us anxious. By embracing this moment, we find happiness and this very moment becomes our whole life. That life with startups, is as one. There is no 9-5 nor hourly amount to watch after. Yes, financial, legal and bureocratic frames to obey but in other terms, we create our own way, everyday. Every week comes alive by following our dream. Our startup mission becomes our lighthouse we carry in our hearts, through the storm, across the oceans and sweet summer days. That dream takes us forward without us knowing the way when we take the first step.

Sometimes we come to the crossroad. We are given a chance to choose, either follow our sense or intuition. Our choice was to grow beyond ourselves and “entities” of company. To make long story short, Vilike with strong affiliation of were selected to virtual accelerator program China Growth vertical among 1000 applicants. Spring and summer of corona for us meant psychological re-birth, rapid technical pivot and computer vision AI demo. Rising from ashes lead us to a demoday, where prestigious HYPE awarded us as one of three (3) most promising startups!! Not only HYPE with their amazing support, partners and network, gave new pulse to our dream of Vilike, they also officially opened heartful collaboration with ABSG, Green Chi, Dribblestick, Tagpay and beyond!

Demoday award celebrations!

My heart feels great joy about these startup twins, Vilike and Rehaboo. In half a year, when humankind has faced most likely one of the greatest challenges of our existence, we have been united together as bootstrapped, remote team for impact. We have pivoted our tech via 5th MVP with computer vision AI. Our bright tech wizards CTO Sarthak together with Game developer Tomi from Rehaboo managed to code active AI game to cloud with very low latency, even though mighty Nvidia said it´s impossible. We are inch away to release first interactive story as an e-book and presenting us next week in CIEF-China Innovation and entrepreneurship fair. We are starting open game development collaboration with Alternova who just got their game FDA approved for healing ADHD!

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” -Paolo Coelho

From verges of despair is a short way to edges of absolute climax. Only way through the hardships to sweet success arises from within ourselves, at this very moment. Choose to follow your heartful intuition to make your way to the future, every moment. Keep on believing, don´t be afraid be different and never give up! As a founder who´s been through the financial valley of death with mental lows questioning my mind and heart, I am madly in love with the effect and metamorphosis all of this has on us thriving the change with open hearts. World indeed is our playground and we sure make the change, by dreaming and doing together.

With love from Finland.

Kirsi & startup twins Vilike and Rehaboo

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