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Our bodies are made to move and challenge our physical capabilities, every day. Our mind is the captain leading this important initiative that keeps us going on various levels. It indeed can be tough to choose a physical exercise outside in the splashing autumn rain instead of getting lazy with a comfy couch and TV. In that situation, making a wrong choice over and over again, becomes treacherous for our health.

Home can mean various things for us, yet most of all, it is the place for ourselves, the family and relaxation. Home is a safe haven, calming us from the stress and daily duties. Whatever it is or was, lately home has also become an office, kindergarten, school and gym. We are experiencing a great shift in our daily routines, rooting us more and more to our homes with all aspects and activities of our lives.

This shift raises a whole new challenge: not only do we need to master saying no to getting lazy with a couch, we must be able to differentiate diverse activities within the same corners of our homes. In spaces of small square meters this really requires a strong mind to remain balanced with all layers of life. Physical restrictions have forced us to pause, take a deep look inside ourselves and learn new ways to remain healthy once moving outside has been limited. It is too easy to fall back into old ways of couching with TV and not come up with sufficient amounts of physical activities at home to keep us fit with our bodies and mind.

One thing in common with most homes all around the earth is technology and connectivity. In the past, this used to be a TV with only one way communication and content which is mostly physically passivating us. High-speed Internet with new smart screens and mobile technology have brought new dimensions that enable activities and content by devices to become interactive, physically activating and intelligent. No more, are you only the passive viewer rewinding minds and bodies lazy on the couch, yet you can become an active part of the content and community through smart devices.

“ Our vision at Dribblestick Training is to upgrade the AI technology to help players stay engaged long term.”

Pro-basketball player/Coach/Founder Luke Lloyd

For example, you can keep yourself physically active at home by learning how to train basketball by reading sites like Sport Fitness Advisor or you can harness hardware and software by Dribblestick Training to keep you moving. Also Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of computer vision has evolved to a point where you and your body can become the controller for physically activating games. Now the tough choice between exercising in cold autumn rain and getting lazy with the couch has an option! Turn on that smart device and start playing or training by moving!

Training at home with AI doesn’t mean we all need to cease athletes’ hours aiming for the Olympics. Guidance of the virtual world, AI games and technology are an effective addition supporting you to reach the recommended amount of activity per day. Being active does not have to be all sweat and tears, it can be fun and make you laugh along movement, together with people in remote locations!

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