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The pursuit towards our dreams and ideas grows strong within our DNA. Sometimes the intuitive quest can be so compelling, that it makes us defy the common state of understanding. The will to find a reasonable answer can take us on a journey that no sense can explain.

“For the execution of the voyage to the Indies, I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps.” Christopher Columbus


First voyage over the Atlantic is a very good example. At the time, people mostly believed the earth was flat and would end at the horizon. Yet something within the mind of Columbus, throve him forward to believe they can reach East by sailing West. Perhaps his experience in sailing and cartography gave him a solid knowledge from which arised his intuitive interest to find out what else lies beyond blue ocean. He must have truly believed in his intuition, to take his proposal all the way to the monarchs, twice, before getting financial allowance for his explorations.

Co-creating and developing gamified technology for well established yet still very fresh market of education technology is our voyage of discovery. Neither for our horizon, there ain´t a map to guide us. Idea of Vilike was born a decade ago to become my quest. I believed in my intuition. And still, after few failures on the way, I believe that technology can be developed to make people smarter, healthier and happier, instead of making us dummer, unfit and miserable.

Luckily, people no longer think world is flat yet they still can be, afraid of the change brought by digitalisation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become trending term lately. Though its forms, Computer vision (CV) for example has been with us for quite a while but only within past few years, the development has taken great leaps forward reaching mainstream audience. No longer we need console technology to assess the eye of the computer and display the graphics. All that cutting-edge computing, happens simply on our tiny, little mobile phones. The potential use cases and future development of this technology is our current blue ocean. To navigate this universe of possibilities, we need to sustain the same thrive which lead Columbus to find America.

Only the fear of unknown and failure is what hinders us back from hoisting them colors for new voyages. Brave, intuitive thinking can be way to fade away that fear and let hope take a lead instead. By believing in our intuitive quest, we can overcome the endless reasoning on why things can´t be done in digital realm. In the world of reasoning, can be sometimes tough to talk about idealistic dreams yet still, only way forward, is to do it. Believe in your inner compass, stay true to your why and take a step towards the unknown to find the answer.


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